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ZOMBIEHORDE: The Ultimate Zombie Community
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I started this community for anyone that has is obsessed with zombie lore and zombie culture.

To join, fill out the app below. Most users will be accepted; this is to show myself and others in the community how much you know about zombies and to test the likelihood that you would survive a zombie attack. It is also to filter and weed out the trolls/serial adders. If you don't fill out the app, you don't get in.

I will moderate all posts. This is to keep people from advertising off-topic communities and/or making hugely irrelevant posts. If you would like to advertise your community, go ahead and post, but I will delete any off-topic ads.

NO DRAMA. Discussions are welcomed. Debates are encouraged. Trolling/Drama/Hissy Fits are not. Don't act like an idiot.

I am not taking any apps for fellow moderators at this time. However, if you would like me to consider you for a moderator position in the future contact me privately and I will give you an app to fill out.

When your application is accepted, please include it in yout first post.

1. List some basic info about yourself.
2. List your opinion of top three zombie movies.
3. Why do you want to join this community?
4. Give your opinion of the top five tips to stay alive in a zombie infestation.
5. List the top five reasons you think you would/wouldn't survive a zombie attack.